About SAVA

Find the Joy in Singing

Everyone can sing!  Everyone can also sing better than they do at their present level.

You can learn to sing the songs you want to sing in a healthy and open way, without pain or strain, when you understand that your voice is an instrument to learn. Even if you have natural talent, you need to constantly explore and develop your knowledge and skills to stay at your best.

Sheppard Academy of Vocal Arts (SAVA) is here to provide a home for singers of all levels, beginner to professional.  We offer the training, development, and support for successful careers in music, while maintaining a safe, supportive, non-competitive environment, in a setting that fosters a lasting sense of community and professionalism.

Our singers work in many venues:
  • Broadway
  • Concerts
  • Television and film
  • Regional theatres
  • Songwriting and composition
  • Recording contracts
Singers working at SAVA find they are able to:
  • Develop both talent and skills
  • Increase understanding of the voice
  • Increase body awareness in singing
  • Blend technique with musical expression
  • Increase musical knowledge
  • Gain confidence in performance
  • Heal physical and emotional damage through singing
  • Discover individuality and unique voice

We offer a skilled faculty who strive to help you develop your voice and musicality using proven techniques, and to make the entire process fun.


Bettina Sheppard began teaching privately in New York City in 1992, in addition to teaching numerous classes at Ballet Arts and Broadway Dance Center. Through her interactions with her students, she became aware that many singers felt isolated and unable to find opportunities to perform, so she began small workshops to provide support for the differing genres and career needs of her students. She discovered that there was greater strength in forming communal support and resource networking than any one singer was able to create alone.

Bettina ultimately founded the Sheppard Academy of Vocal Arts (SAVA) in 2012, dedicating the school to her mother, Inez Sheppard Haynes. SAVA opened up in its new home on West 57th St., New York, in 2013.