Frequently Asked Questions

What styles of music do you teach?

All styles are welcome.  Most of the warm up and technique exercises are based on classical style.  Your chosen material could be Broadway, jazz, standards, pop/rock/r&b, folk – pretty much whatever you want to work on.  You can also bring in original songs for technique, styling, phrasing, or even musical ideas.

What lessons are offered in the studio?

SAVA offers lessons in vocal technique, performance coaching, audition coaching, piano, songwriting, musicianship and ear training, sight singing, and music theory.  Outside sources are available for guitar lessons.

Do I need to bring music to my first class?

It’s encouraged.  We can hear how you’re working with your present repertoire. If you don’t have any music with you, no problem.  There are plenty of choices in the studio.

What should I sing for auditions?

That depends on your character type and your present level of vocal ability.  There are also some differences in what songs are acceptable depending on how large and competitive your audition setting will be.  In New York, it’s important to know how you would be cast or hired as you are right now.  In other words, be true to your character type and age range.  We do have some freedom, however, in choosing songs across gender or ethnicity.

Do you offer repertoire suggestions?

Yes.  I have a large library of music in the studio and look for a custom fit to your needs.  Music is chosen according to level of technical ability as well as appropriateness of song choice.

What types of students do you accept?

SAVA is primarily a professional studio designed for people who have specific performance needs, but there is a huge range within that focus.  Beginning singers are definitely welcome and appreciated, along with more experienced singers who need specific corrections and coaching.  There is no one preferred style of music.

I’m a dancer (actor) and can’t sing well enough to get past one callback. Is there hope if I’m not a singer?

Absolutely!  The voice is an instrument to be learned, just like any other instrument.  Many students have discovered a beautiful, strong, expressive voice they never knew they had.  The only real requirement is a willingness to try hard and be open to new sensations.

Do you offer lessons for multiple singers? May I bring a fellow student or group?

Yes.  Students have brought in others for lessons in order to gain mutual support, more fun, or to make the lesson more affordable on a tight budget.  Also, some singers study together if they want to form a group/band, or work on existing group material.

Where are you located? What are your rates?

SAVA is located in midtown Manhattan on West 57th St, across from Carnegie Hall.  Please see the specific classes for rates.

Are you available to bring a workshop to my school/community?

Yes.  We’re happy to discuss the details of your needs and location.

What’s the best way to contact you for booking or questions?

Email is the best choice, since we can communicate according to our own best schedule. Contact us here.