SAVA Singers at Carnegie Hall

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We did it! An incredibly successful performance at Carnegie Hall. On April 24, 2017, SAVA Singers gathered together with three other groups, under the auspices of Manhattan Concert Productions, to sing High Lonesome Mass, by Tim Sharp and Wes Ramsay, and Dear Appalachia: Songs For My Mountain Home, by Timothy Michael Powell. We were under the direction of guest conductor Tim Sharp, who is also the Executive Director of the American Choral Directors Association. AND, our very own Matthew Suri was honored with a solo in the performance. Congratulations, Matt. And huge congratulations to each and every singer – all were consistently hard-working and professional. SAVA Singers were well-prepared and SO joyful! What’s not to like? A bluegrass band and fun music to sing.

A 3-month workshop and rehearsal period led up to the final performance. Fifteen singers formed a supportive family, great networking opportunities for future work, and new friendships – not to mention a semester of new music information and technique! Singers said, “This has completely changed me as a singer,” “I’m no longer scared to sing in front of a large audience,” ‘I loved being on a professional stage – I feel I belong here.” And Tim Sharp said, “ What a great joy it was to work with you toward our performance in Carnegie Hall. Super job!”

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